AWS Black Belt Containers

Achievement unlocked: AWS Black Belt Pilot – Containers

In my position as Principal Cloud Architect in Sopra Steria, I am fortunate to be involved in exciting projects where I get the opportunity to continuously expand my knowledge and expertise.

Sopra Steria is an AWS Partner and recently I have been working on a project where Amazon Web Services invited a group of architects and business developers to an initiative where the goal was to design and develop a new technological solution which provides real customer value.

We leveraged Amazon’s Working Backwards methodology to define common problems/opportunities we’ve seen in various sectors and geographies in Europe. Together we defined the overall objectives, the desired outcomes, and then we shifted our focus on the technical details of how we could achieve the defined outcomes.

This was a really interesting challenge where I learned more about how to define a business problem/opportunity, create a go-to-market plan, dive deep and up skill on the specific technology. Then we started working on the actual implementation, including documentation, operational procedures and everything needed to deploy and operate the solution.

I’m happy to share that the end result is an offering called Sopra Steria Container and Orchestration Services with AWS which has been successfully validated and published on the AWS Marketplace and on

Key services:

  • AWS Proton
  • AWS Fargate
  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
  • Red Hat OpenShift on AWS (ROSA)

For recognition of the team’s efforts AWS awarded an exclusive certification badge called AWS Black Belt Pilot – Containers.

Earning Criteria
The participant attended 300-400 level technical deep dive workshops and was validated for their AWS expertise and experience in a specific domain against a high validation bar.

My badge is issued on Credly: